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Hello and welcome to madameaproko.com. Africa's ruling elites have had a choke hold on the development of the continent. The colonial rulers handed power to them as young adults in their 20s and 30s. Since then, they've jostled for control, slaughtering one another. The few amongst them who had an altruistic approach to governance were sabotaged  and the continent, especially Nigeria has been running around in circles.

Madame Aproko is a talkative fictional character dedicated to the development of Nigeria and Africa. Every Nigerian relishes a government that is genuinely interested in offering its people the opportunity to attain self respect and dignity,but that does not seem to be the case for successive governments we've had in the past. The new government needs to be watched closely too.

Nigeria is at the mercy of leaders who aspire for semi-god status, men and women who will not allow development except it benefits them or their relations financially. These "leaders" and their reprobate millennials have so much control over the population with "stomach infrastructure", religion, tribe and misinformation/mis-education.

Politics should not be a no go area for youths, as our older men and women have continued to fail us. We should all be interested in who runs our community and no one should scare or frustrate Nigerians out of asking questions.

This blog is dedicated to the process and aspiration that one day, Nigerians will no longer leave the country for economic reasons but out of curiosity and love for adventure. The blog might  meddle here and there with entertainment and gossip to put bread on the table, but the ultimate goal is to report until a greater number of Nigerians gain dignity and self-respect.


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