Thursday, 31 August 2017

Britain Cuts Economic Aid to Nigeria by Half

Britain has reduced economic aid to Nigeria, the cut is exactly 50%, along with the cut is a do better advice on security "step up and do more" (you lazy, incompetent mediocre Africans) [i added that].

Nigeria was given £100 million in aid for 2017 but the British government via Priti Patel, Secretary of state for International Development announced last night that her government has a £200 million four years funding plan, 2018 to 2022.

Ms. Patel and Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson visited northern Nigeria and Ms Patel had a few words for us "My job is isn't just to give aid and money, my job is to make sure that money goes further and that we leverage that with the Nigerian government to make them step up and do more". She followed with how great her country is and how high Britain is on the moral ladder etc. (She basically said nice things about her country)

Britain's funding focus for the past few years has been to ease the impact of insurgency in Northern Nigeria. If Ms. Patel knew how much was used in cutting grass in IDP camps, she will advice her government against giving money to Nigeria.

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