Thursday, 19 November 2015

Nigerian Daesh Bomb Yola and Kano - Showing Signs of Disarray, Panic and Weakness

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The Daesh and arab wanabes are in disarray as the Nigerian army goes after them in their hideouts allover northern Nigeria. The Nigerian army has been effective going after them to the extent that the terrorist Daesh were caught trying to barbecue looted chicken, they can't have a meal in peace, that's a good sign.

They are being taken out in the bush, their chain of command is broken, the attacks taking place are from those on the run, those who've managed to narrowly escape the persistent assault of the army.

As the individuals who undermined the army in the fight against the terrorist Daesh are being prepared to face justice, Nigerians living in hotspots will have to remain vigilant and law abiding, no jungle justice.

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