Monday, 16 November 2015

Kayode Ogundamisi Gets Death Threat from Biafra Supporter

An individual described to be a frustrated fan of radio Biafra left a voice message for Kayode Ogundamisi, threatening to kill him if he does not cease to talk about Biafra. The agitation for Biafra has resurfaced after the last presidential election as the preferred candidate of people in the movement lost the election.

That's how Nigerian politics work, when your preferred candidate (brother) loses, then you want out, threaten to leave M.K.O (Afenifere, NADECO etc), or you bomb and maim your way back -Yar-adua (Boko-Haram). While some have legitimate reasons to want out after being shortchanged (M.K.O), some also want power because its their turn (Yar-adua's death) and others are being insincere and smart-aleck with their reason and timing (Biafra).

The new agitators haven't taken any concrete or legal step towards actualizing their dream except for threatening violence, name calling and an outright order (demand) that Nigeria surrenders parts of its territory to them. "Give us Biafra", "Biafra or nothing"

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