Monday, 16 November 2015

Growth in Baby's Mouth Were Actually Fetuses

Doctors in Mahamodera Hospital Sri Lanka successfully detached a growth from a newborn baby girl's mouth only to discover that the growth was a twin still-born fetuses.

According to sources, the baby girl was born on October 26, but the doctors who had inspected the mother’s womb discovered a peculiar attachment on the face of the baby inside the womb and made the decision to perform a Cesarean operation.

The infant was having breathing difficulties after being born because her mouth was open as a result of the growth on her face as doctors suspected it was a kind of cyst.

It was reported that the operation was carried out 72 hours after birth and it took about one and half hours for the doctors to remove the cyst from the mouth of the baby before realizing that they were actually fetuses.

The baby survived and is currently in good health.

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