Saturday, 14 November 2015

Diezani Alison-Madueke Pictured Without Makeup

photo credit: The Boss online News
The former petroleum minister, who is reported to be suffering from cancer granted exclusive access to Ovation Magazine and The Boss online News on what her face looks like WITHOUT MAKEUP after weeping so much and at the same time going through cancer treatment (Chemo).

Mrs Alison Madueke was a very powerful figure in the Goodluck Jonathan administration (almost everyone was), Nigerians called her one of the Presidents of the country at that time and truly she was. She had so much discretionary power and influence, making “enemies” as a result and under her watch billions of dollars in oil revenue went missing.

Naturally, she is google eyed, she is been crying for months, she is going through (chemo) cancer treatment and SHE IS NOT WEARING MAKEUP, any woman in her situation will look like that. The release of this image is expected to reduce resentment towards her. Madame Allison is obviously yet to recover from the election defeat, get well soon honorable minister.

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