Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Indian Teenager's Heart beat Outside His Chest

An Indian teenager, Arpit, has a displaced heart which appears on the outside of his rib cage, due to a rare syndrome called 'Pentalogy of Cantrell'.

The medical condition means Arpit's heart is not protected by his ribs but located slightly above the stomach and just below the rib cage, causing the heart to beat on the outside of the chest.

His condition draws a lot of onlookers as he’s being viewed as some sort of spectacle. Arpit’s condition is said to only happen to around 156 people globally but he does not let his condition effect his day-to-day life.

Despite being given a low life expectancy, he still works on farms with his father operating machinery such as tractors and he plays cricket with his friends in Nadiad, the village in Gujarat, India, where he lives.

Doctors are surprised that Arpit lives a normal life as an 18 year-old given his very rare condition, but are left more perplexed when they see him performing physically strenuous activities.

The positive side of this story is that he’s not letting his situation get to him because he doesn’t mind taking off his shirt to show off his mutant body. Some non-Indians are speculating that he’ll soon be worshipped as some sort of god.

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