Monday, 21 September 2015

Nigeria Will Further Lose its Sovereignty If Saraki Remains the Senate President

These are the kind of people western spy agencies want in power all over developing countries, depraved greedy men, liabilities, individuals with skeletons in their closet, people they can black mail to tow the line of the folks in Langley, Thames house and Noisy-Le-Sec.

Who remembers how many hours it took Andrew Pocock, former British high commissioner to visit and congratulate Saraki after he became Senate President? Pocock visited Saraki less than 24 hours in an apparent attempt to legitimize and give credibility to his emergence knowing fully well about the illegality that got him to the position.

If President Buhari sneezes in his room at 12:00 AM, a report about it will be on David Cameron's desk before 6:00 AM. Saraki is an MI5 asset but a big liability to Nigeria, he should go away.

Obviously, there are other politicians like Saraki in Nigeria and all over Africa, but this evil we know and the problem should be dealt with appropriately. 

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