Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Hustle and Integration is Real: Chinese Roast Corn Vendor in Zambia (Picture)

The Chinese man is seen operating a business that is usually reserved for locals in all developing countries. Small businesses like this are operated by locals anywhere you go, from Lagos to Cairo, Nairobi, Accra, Bangkok etc. It is a business reserved for the low income segment of a country.

The presence of this Chinese man is obviously causing resentment as Chinese migrants in Zambia are being accused of doing everything, thus taking opportunities away from the locals.

The Chinese diaspora community in Zambia is about a 100,000 (census data) and there are more than 500 Chinese companies in the country.

You would expect everyone that moves to Zambia to be an engineer or a professional in one field or the other, which does seem to be the case. Chinese men with means that want to make a living head to Zambia and from the looks of it, they integrate smoothly even as they criticise the work ethic of the locals.

China man means business, “if we put work like they do, we will outsell them because this is our turf. Market sentiments and consumer behaviour favours the locals.” I’ll be damed if the Zambians pull a Kwazulu on them.

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