Monday, 20 July 2015

That Dodgy Snake Eating South African Pastor Was Arrested Over The Week-end

Who remembers that lanky South African dude Penuel Mnguni that orders his congregation to do all kinds of weird things? He tells women and men to take off their cloths and starts jumping on their body and sometimes make them eat weird stuffs. He's been arrested over the week end.

He's been testing the limits of South African law enforcement for months and he finally gave them a reason to come after him last week when he made people eat live snakes. A South African animal well fair organization lodged a police report against him and he was arrested and detained.

Funny enough he was not arrested for being cruel to humans, but was arrested for cruelty to animals.

There has been a number of christian weirdos coming out of South Africa recently, some order people to eat grass ahile others order people to eat cloths.

Na God go punish poverty.

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