Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Evidence Jonathan Hired Hackers to Spy on Nigerians, Patronized Hacking Team (Picture)

Italian spyware maker Hacking Team is currently facing a massive credibility test. The company has had its security breached, about 400GB of files leaked on to the internet. Human Rights associations and privacy advocates are having a field day sorting through the data which shows sales to numerous oppressive regimes worldwide.

Hacking Team makes a living by selling spyware to governments and law enforcement agencies. It’s main product allows customers to remotely access infected computers to copy files, log all communications, and even activate the computer’s microphone and webcam to monitor the user. Most importantly, the company is not selective about who it sells the spyware to; with the files showing customers including countries with histories of human rights abuse like Sudan and Ethiopia.

Amongst the customers listed is the Bayelsa state government, whose maintenance agreement ended on the 30th of November 2013. As at November 2013, the governor of Bayelsa was Mr Dickson and the President of course is Goodluck Jonathan.

Source CSO.

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