Monday, 4 May 2015

Nightmare: He killed Someone in His Dream and Committed Suicide

So a friend just called me wailing about this scary dream he just had. He said he suddenly found himself in his old high school he graduated from about 11 years ago and was being bullied by one of the senior students he hated back then. As he was being bullied, he fought back and they started fighting, he broke a Coca Cola bottle, over powered this senior student and took the broken bottle to his throat several times, killing him almost instantly. 
He the fled the scene before other senior students would find out what he has done. While running, he noticed the terrain was bumpy like a farm being cleared, so he was running like an animal on four limbs, he ran using both hands and legs. 

On getting to the school gate, he discovered the security man paid no attention to him and he was able to leave the school premises heading for a residential area. When he got there, he was running like a human by this time and the body of the student he stabbed had been discovered so people were after him. 

One of the people chasing him is an acquaintance he currently encounters from time to time in his life. He tried various methods to shake them off, took all corners he could but was unable to shake them off. 

So one of those chasing him, the acquaintance caught up with him and as they were running they were negotiating and arguing. While arguing, he was able to convince this acquaintance to borrow him his sword so he could cut his wrist and bleed to death. The guy gave him the dagger and as he collected it, he could see others coming after him with all sorts of weapons. As he was getting away from them, he slit his wrist, almost severing it, then he woke from this scary nightmare at about 6:00 AM sharp.

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