Saturday, 4 April 2015

Will The Likes of Bala Muhammed be Treated Different to the Maduekes?

Why is this question being asked? There was a time in the 80s when a new military government took power. The government immediately went after corrupt politicians, jailing them as soon as it lays its hands on them. There was a problem with the anti-corruption campaign back then, some politicians were locked in prison like they should while others were confined to the comfort of their home, loosing only, the freedom of free movement.

Now, a new government is in town, this time elected by Nigerians and the new President during his first speech vowed to fight corruption. For the President, He's been here before and circumstance leading to his ascension looks similar. The previous government is very corrupt and the perpetrators cut across religious and ethnic lines. What happened the last time was that there were different interpretations as regards what punishment each embezzling politician deserved.

Take for example, these two well known cabinet members of President Jonathan. They have been sensationally accused of corruption at one time or the other with convincing evidence. One of the campaign promise the new government gave is to go after people like Bala Muhammed and Alison Madueke, get back the stolen wealth and punish them for their crime. Now the question is will every criminal be locked in Jail or some be given the benefit of doubt for reciting "Allah na tuba" 77 times? If this happens, there will be wahala.

Speaking of Corrupt politicians. ♩ ♪ There is fire on the mountain, and somebody seems to be on the run ♫ ♬

Former de facto President, Alison Madueke has been making moves for the past few days. Jumping from Yola to Timbuktu, Kotangora and now Minna.

If she's Doing this as a politician, trying to peach her credentials and ability as a minister of the federal republic to Nigerians she thinks will help in retaining her portfolio, then good. That's a typical politician and young politicians should aspire to be like that. But, if shes going around begging to be allowed to return ill gotten money quietly, then that will be disappointing. I understand she is google eyed but with the way her eyes are swollen in this picture, this women appears to be seeking pardon before being charged for any crime.

How will she and other politicians be treated? They will be treated like Mr. Orubebe, go through legal channels to express your displeasure. Even if for peace sake, the new government decides to temper justice with mercy. Parading and prosecuting corrupt members of the former administration will become a necessary distraction when the new government starts finding it difficult to make meaningful economic impact on Nigerians.

For the likes of Alyson, only a few weeks ago, people like her felt invincible and untouchable. Now you see ya life?  

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