Friday, 24 April 2015

Why Does Things like this Excite Muslims?

Pictured is a woman who is said to be US President, Barack Obama’s maternal grand-mother being assisted to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. The old woman is pictured sitting on a wheel chair being assisted by 3 men believed to be Saudi officials.

The reaction of a lot of Muslims to the picture and news is bemusing, similar to the excitement you see when a Christian or secular country recognises Muslim holidays for the first time in honour of its Muslim citizens and migrants. I remember when a German town did that, and a friend declare that his religion is gradually conquering Europe.

You’ll notice similar reactions when Islamic banking is officially recognised in places that it did not exist. You’ll see comments like “Masha Allah, we are gradually winning” and the more vocal ones will declare a domination of the world by their religion in their near future.

You’ll also get such reactions when a celebrity is rumoured to be Muslim or have converted. This begs the question with the excitement raised by grandma Obama. Do people really fantasise that the US president is a closet Muslim or that one day, everybody on the planet will be a Muslim. What kind of Muslim if I may ask, Shia, Sunni or the

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