Thursday, 23 April 2015

Twelve Nigerians Arrested For Drug Trafficking in Malaysia

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Malaysian law enforcement  raided 3 locations within the week and arrested 12 Nigerian for drug trafficking. 3 Nigerian 'drug lords" were apprehended in the campaign.

The police reports to have finally detected new tactics used in smuggling drugs by Nigerian traffickers. It was also revealed that they have switched from trafficking through Abuja and are now using China and Dubai to avoid detection.

The drug traffickers were also discovered to be grooming drug mules of various nationalities, American, Vietnamese and Australian.

Some Nigerians were discovered to be using courier services to do their dark trade. The hide drugs in various materials and ship them to Malaysia, the latest being sports shoes. Others were arrested their  apartments, during one the apartment raids, One Nigerian died when he fell from the 7th floor of his building, he was trying to evade arrest.

All twelve are in Malaysia on student visas. Drug trafficking in Malaysia attracts a mandatory death sentence.

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