Tuesday, 28 April 2015

ISIS Leader Declared 'Clinically Dead' By Israeli Doctors

Israeli media reports that ISIS figure head, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi has been declared “clinically dead” by Israeli physicians in the Golan Heights. Iranian State media quoting two Iraqi news outlets stated that the militant group’s leader was seriously injured in an attack led by Iraqi Shiite forces last month.

The injured militant leader was reported to have been transferred from western Iraq were he got injured to Golan Heights where he’s been reportedly declared clinically dead.

The details on what’s really going on is unclear giving the number of stories making rounds about the event. Last month, the Guardian quoted an Iraqi political adviser, Hisham al-Hashimi, and an unnamed Western diplomat as claiming that al-Baghdadi suffered life-threatening injuries during US airstrike in the Nineveh region, close to the Syrian border. An American official denied the report.

There is reason to believe reports of al Baghdadi’s incapacitation as a successor has been reportedly picked, he is Abdul Rahman al-Sheijlar, also called Abu Ala Afri. Afri was a physics teacher before joining armed Islamic groups. He has a comprehensive Jihad resume, having worked with al-Qaida and led its Iraqi branch. Afri’s appointment has also caused infighting and disputes in ISIS as factions in the militant groups’s Syria faction don’t want him as their leader. Is al Baghdadi trying to play a Shekau on them? Doubt it. 

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