Thursday, 30 April 2015

How Can Nigeria Break the Chokehold of Oil Marketers?

Nigerian oil marketers are too powerful. These people are so powerful, they’ll make any government do whatever they want by. Is it possible for a government to change the subsidy regime without suffering the wrath of everyday Nigerians?

Understandably, Nigerian oil marketers are business people and the primary purpose of running a business is to make profit but the government needs to go to great lengths to reduce their influence. If the current trend is sustained, these guys can make or break a government and the scary part of it all is that they don't care about Nigerians.

Nigeria desperately needs refineries overseen by individuals who understand the plight of people who depend on daily income to survive. A few business men have so much influence on the country and I wonder how the government sleeps at night knowing the kind of power these people wield.

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