Thursday, 9 April 2015

France Has More Jihadist Per Capita Than Its European Neighbours – Senate Report

Out of over 3,000 individuals who have voluntarily joined the maiming and killing in Iraq and Syria, about 1,500 of them are French citizens a senate report revealed on Wednesday.

The report stated that over 1,430 French citizens have successfully made their way at one time or the other to Iraq and Syria, making up 47 percent of known European Jihadist jihading in the Middle East.

One would think Britain would contribute more jihadist to the genocidal push for a global caliphate. Apparently, they are just loud mouths with dodgy accents.

Chairman of the French senate committee investigating jihadi networks, Senator Jean-Pierre Sueur said there has been an increase in Europeans involved in jihadi activities since November 2014.

He said about 85 French citizens have lost their lives to the caliphate crusade while 2 others are being held for future ISIS propaganda videos (What kind of human gets motivated and recruited by a beheading video?).

The French senator said his country’s intelligence services are shiting their pants as it’s being reported that about 200 jihadist are heading home from Syria and Iraq.

The senator said France is doing its best though, because law enforcement have been able to apprehend 152 jihadist who are languishing in prisons across France.

The committee report also states that the cleric business is experiencing a windfall as 60 more muslim chaplains have been employed to mitigate shortage in liberal sermons.

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