Thursday, 9 April 2015

Are You an Apkari (Bald)? The Jews Found a Cure

Ok, it’s not exactly the kind of baldness a lot of us suffer from. By us, I mean Kcee (Limpopo), Lebron James, major Hamza Al-mustapha etc. The cure to autoimmune baldness was discovered by Researchers from Israel’s Hadassah Medical Center who gave a patient a cancer drug that is being studied as a possible treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. They discovered that the drug is also effective in treating alopecia areata, the autoimmune disease that causes baldness.

Alopecia (Spot Baldness) as explained by Dr. Yuval Ramot an attending physician at Hadassah, said the disease is triggered by an inflammatory process around the hair follicle that causes it to fall out—hair loss is concentrated in the scalp, beard, and other parts of the body. He stated that there are currently no successful treatments for Alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata is known to Nigerians as Lapka-Lapka, eczema that causes hair loss and you’ll notice mild skin irritation on the affected spot.

Victims of Alopecia areata are also believed to be suffering from spiritual attacks in Nigeria. If you remember in primary or secondary school. When someone sleeps and wakes up to find bald spots on their head. Neighbors, friends or colleagues say the victim’s hair was taken by an Aljanu (Jinn) while he or she was sleeping (Absolute rubbish).

The new treatment was discovered by chance when a 16-year-old boy, who in addition to alopecia suffered from a genetic disorder, was given a drug called baricitinib. Physicians discovered hair started growing in the bald spots that resisted treatment for years.

Subsequent experiments on mice carried out in conjunction with researchers from Columbia University, as well as clinical trials, found the drug is indeed effective in treating alopecia.

The drug Baricitinib was described by physicians to belong to a family of medicine known as JAK inhibitors. They are currently used to treat inflammatory diseases or cancer.

The lead Physician said “There is also evidence from researchers throughout the world that drugs from the same family have been shown effective in treatment-resistant patients.”

Hopefully, this might lead to a permanent solution to natural baldness. (Sam badi Sauth Halleluyah)
Hold on, how much will the smart penny pinchers ask for this awesome discovery?

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