Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Abraham Ariyo, Another Victim of Igbo Online Lynch Mob

If I recollect correctly, the first victim of such cynical online campaign is Madam Digbo-Lugi, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo. She was hounded and victimised for what "she said" and gradually morphed to be the “Snitch lady”. 

Another recent victim of online igbo lynch mob is former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. No comment was made when Nigerians from all over the country rallied behind Goodluck Jonathan when he was being bullied by James Ibori, Turai and their gang. When it was time for election, politicians like Obasanjo rallied and mobilised Nigerians for President Jonathan.

Immediately Jonathan was declared President, they launched their attack on Obasanjo, accusing him being a controlling god-father to a President who confessed to Hilary Clinton that he has no idea what he’s doing.

They hounded Obasanjo and mocked Jonathan until they fell out and they were able to cage him. The result is the most corrupt leadership Nigeria has ever seen. The type that had a President that had no clue for 5 days that a foreign diplomat stormed out of the country in protest of government official lies and the type that tried to redefine what corruption means.

Today, One Dr. Abraham Ariyo is their new victim. He observed a pattern in Igbo behaviour and like everyone else predicts the same outcome from this behaviour and someone who resides in Canada launches an online campaign against a man living in the United states, accusing him of inciting genocide. They are posting his address and family pictures online, calling for him to be attacked.

The sad thing about these “genocide” campaigners is that, they don’t do these things out of empathy or fear for fellow igbos. The scream genocide at every opportunity they get out greed.

Here is why, the chibok girls have diverted sympathy and attention away from civil war genocide claims. The problem with this is that, it’s affecting asylum claims. It’s becoming harder to refer to the civil war as reason to claim or extend asylum application because most foreign media outlets whe reporting about Nigeria since boko-haram stated always report that, while boko-haram ravages the northern part of Nigeria, the southern part is mostly peaceful. Peace is bad for business for these people that’s why they go to extra lengths to magnify every little tribal issue they can find.

The Oba of Lagos’s banter before the gubernatorial election is another example of how these selfish people operate. Though a wrong comment made in friendly cordial environment was magnified to become what it’s not, even the people the Oba was speaking to where laughing at him and we are meant to believe they are targets of hate.

Enough is Enough. Respect should be reciprocal, tolerance should not be at the expense of one over the other. Every self-respecting Yoruba man or woman resident in north America should assist Dr. Abraham is any way they can. 


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