Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Future Problems For Buhari Administration - The Rise of Moral Troglodytes

We've all experienced their cunningness at the NYSC camps, class rooms and workplace. They smile at you like normal people, chat with you like a friendly neighbors, they always emphasize how truthful they are, because they Muslim but do and say horrible things about you in the dark. Why? You are not from their religion. If you have ever had a Muslim classmate, acquaintance or colleague who starts behaving weird and distant the next day ( If you did not do something wrong), he/she most likely, must have been a victim of one of those Islamic moral troglodytes.

What do these people do? The go around chastising, especially Muslim women on how unislamic they are and why they should stay away from non-Muslims. They go to great lengths, name and shame on the internet in other to break their victims and sometimes resort to violence with help from relations

Mrs Buhari was a victim to some of these holy Muslims during her visit to Kwara State recently. When Mrs Buhari arrived, Governor Ahmed being a typical Yoruba man, took a bow and shook her hand. Normal stuff you would think, but these guys went into a frenzy in Hausa language, stating how disappointed they her in Mrs Buhari. Some of their social media post in Hausa. How do we address this problem when the time comes?

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