Friday, 6 March 2015

Fayose's Amala Shenanigans and Other Grassroot Scams

How many times a week does he patronize these struggling market women for their plantain or Amala? How many of his children attended or attend government secondary schools, these are the kind of schools wowed Ekiti people who see their "Whole" eating Amala in the common man's Buka. How much does Fayose spend on generators to power his air con in the government house while his grassroot partners sleep in darkness and mosquitos .

Fayose is a smart con-man, he is enjoying the best ordinary Nigerians have to offer while portraying the image of a privileged man that lives and understands the plight of ordinary Ekiti people. The poor Buka owner would probably give him the biggest meat in her pot without having a clue that Fayose has spent most of Ekiti states short term resources on a frivolous media campaign, writing fat cheques to news papers almost on a weekly basis for the past two months. Ekiti people have no clue that the chicken they got from Fayose last Christmas was bought from his farm and he invoiced the state government for all the rice and chicken. Sooner or later, people will see who this guy truely is. 

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