Saturday, 14 March 2015

Common Sense For The Jonathan Sympathizers - Lekki Robbery

If you have a 100 police men under the command of a a state division and a President who has neglected his responsibility in Abuja (Though he does not know what his job title or description says) to live in Lagos, taking away over 30% of police personnel to provide security for his drunk self. 

What do you have? A stretched police command which leaves important facilities like banks vulnerable to dangerous armed robbers like the group that killed 3 police officers and a young girl trying to make a living. 

As the governor rightly pointed out, the armed robbers took advantage of the security loophole explained above, yet some Nigerian are trying to gain sympathy for a reckless President putting the lives of Nigerians in danger while is wife is busy calling for violence on national TV.

Moreover, most of the facilities used to protect Nigeria's inept President was bought by the government of Lagos state. 

While Lagos under Fashola provided bullet proof vest, arms and ammunition, armoured personnel carriers, communication gadgets  etc for the protection of the Police to perform their duties, there are governors in this country who believed it is necessary to donate horses to the police to fight crime.

That aside, what business has Jonathan in Lagos and the southwest jumping from one traditional ruler to the other for almost a week? 

If the monarchs Jonathan is visiting lead their territory the way Jonathan is leading Nigeria, they won't be there for him to visit, they would have been thrown out. 

Jonathan should take his stolen money to other parts of Nigeria, PDP needs to stop straining security personnel around here, go away. The Lekki bank robbery is the first in seven years. 

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