Friday, 9 January 2015

President Jonathan Reasons like a Renowned Criminal Scared of Going to Jail - PDP Presidential Campaign Lagos

Anytime the President opens his mouth, you realize how careless Nigeria has been to allow such a man lead us. This guy is a criminal at heart and he went to Lagos with other criminals 

President Goodluck Jonathan

"Before 2011 nobody voted with voters card, people vote themselves, but in 2015 people are getting voters card" (admitting that he rigged the 2011 election)

"Arresting corrupt people will not stop corruption"

"Somebody says he will catch people and throw them to kikikiri"

"There is nothing like corruption any more, There is no corruption in the military"

"Nigerian ladies so you want to vote to go back to the kitchen and die there or you want to liberate yourself"

"Okah was procured from South Africa to assassinate me on October 1st"- Jonathan
(The same MEND that Jonathan exonerated a day after the Bombing)

Other Criminal Commentators.

"PDP is the oldest party in Nigeria, it is the only party that didn't change logo"-Adamu Muazu, PDP Chairman

"We can export rice to Washington"... PDP Anchor

"In the last four years the PDP has transformed Nigeria positively on Nigeria" "All Nigerians can attest to this"-David Mark, Senate President

"The same way that PDP has governed other states is the same way I will govern Lagos State"--- Mr. Jimi Agbaje

"Do you want to go to jail?"- Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State Governor

"Are You Ready For A Change"- Olabode George!!!

"He (Jonathan) gave us Hope" "Tomorrow if you want to become a business owner, the President will do it for you"- Joseph Yobo

"If not for Mr President we wouldn't win the Nations cup"- Joseph Yobo

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