Thursday, 4 December 2014

Willie Obiano - The Horse Whisperer

Anambra State governor Wille Obiano donated over a 100 horse to the Anambra State Police command to reinforce their ability to fight crime and to control crowds during riots. The governor discovered that there are too many demonstrations and riots taking place in Awka, thus the need for horses.

Another reason the Anambra state police command need horses is because the roads in Anambra are unmotorable, horses seem to be the better option instead constructing good roads that will enable criminals getaway easily.

Another reason might be, like someone from Anambra said "Those horses are trained. I am from Anambra state and I know the terrain of some areas very well. There are hills, valleys and lush vegetation in some parts of Anambra which can possibly be used as hotspots and hideouts for criminals. Such places cannot be accessed by any power-bike, vehicle even an SUV...this is where the use of these horses will come into play. Horses are very virile animals and they can go anywhere and jump heights of up to 12 feet. That is what is known as thinking out of the box. Our governor is taking security in Anambra very seriously."

Ok oo.

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