Thursday, 4 December 2014

Big Man Mentality? Nigerian Assaulted on Malaysian Street

So the widely accepted story of this incident goes like this. The African guy had a minor accident with a bike rider, so while arguing and putting blame like some people do after minor accidents, the African guy allegedly assaulted the bike guy, his friends were also riding, they were told or they saw everything unfold and what happened next is in the video.

If the story is true then the Nigerian big man mentality got this guy a ass whopping. For those that don't know, the Nigerian big man mentality is when you assault (slap) someone in a public place during an altercation in other to intimidate them to back down thinking you are some kind of top shot in the society, maybe a military officer, politician or a business man that is well connected. We've seen it a lot of times in Nigeria, on airplanes, highways, city centers etc. They'll assault you and start screaming, "Do you know who i am?"

Let's put aside the war time mentality currently prevalent in Malaysia, it's impossible that a group of Malay men would decide all of a sudden to focus on this guy and attack him, one thing must have led to another.

Another reason the accident and assault story may be true is because like in Nigeria, the bike riders are widely known to be bad news anywhere they are. They call them Mat Rampit here, we call them Okada rider in Nigeria. If we all remember correctly, if you knock down an Okada rider, others will stop, fight you and try to make you pay for all the financial burden of the victim's extended family, not to talk of you assaulting one after a traffic accident. They'll beat you up, steal from you and damage your vehicle, it's the same in Malaysia.

Your sharp guy swagger will only get you into trouble on Malaysian roads, Solomon Okonkwo was murdered by a gangster in similar circumstance. Don't put your hands on people, you never know how they'll react, talk like a gentle man, defend your self to the core when the opportunity arises and run when things are out of control so you can live to fight another day.

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