Wednesday, 17 December 2014

APC and Over Ambitious Deputies are Opposites - Yemi Osinbajo

It all started when Femi Pedro was Tinubu's deputy in Lagos state, there was a power struggle and Pedro was removed. Since then Tinubu has fine tuned the habit of picking running mates that will not disrupt governance and the party with their ambitions. Deputies Jonathanians will call "puppets", deputies that know their roll, loyal and perform their duties as required by the party and Nigerian constitution.

Take a look at all the APC governed states, their first ladies are tamed, they don't run around doing unconstitutional rubbish all over the place to undermine elected office holders, their deputies are not known to seek the downfall of thier bosses to emerge governor, rather they act as "pillars" (if i may borrow president Jonathan's words) and the governors are allowed to concentrate on governance, transforming and developing their various states.

The selection of Professor Femi Osinbajo is classic, typical Tinubu after the Femi Pedro experience. Nigerian should not expect any kind of personality clash in Aso-rock, no bloated egos, no drama. 

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