Thursday, 27 November 2014

Old Soldier Never Die - Obasanjo Snipes Jonathan

Change Your Evil Ways – Obasanjo said President Jonathan’s evil actions is destroying Nigerian democracy. “Management of democracy without resorting to brute force and dictatorial tendencies must be cultivated, as a leader, you must not deliberately do evil or condone evil. You should know that you will one day give account to God, you may cover up here, but before God, there is no cover up”.

Baba has truly been attending his theology class but i fear for him, because the way this government is going, they will bulldoze anything or anyone they feel is a threat to Jonathan's ambition.
"[Individuals] are not so corrupt that they actually wish to do evil, but they are blinded, and don’t really know what they are doing. It is all a matter of baiting them for decisive action… A crowd triumphs if one cedes the way, steps aside, so that it never comes to realize what it is doing. A crowd has no essential viewpoint; therefore if it happens to kill a man it iseo ipso halted; it pays heed and comes to its senses."    Kierkegaard

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