Thursday, 6 November 2014

Malaysian Muslim Groups are Troubled By the Existence of Non-Muslims

Leader of a Malaysian para-military Muslim group Mr Katak while speaking to news men said look around you, look at them living in a Muslim majority country breathing free oxygen, they are not even grateful. This is Muslim air, only for Muslims in our Malaysia, if you are not Muslim you can't breath lah! You get my point?

Chairman of Masyarakat Orang Bodoh (MOB) of Malaysia walked out of his house this morning looked up and asked "why does the cloud look like Buddha today? This will affect the faith of we Muslims you know, they can control cloud formation now? They are trying to insult the sensitivities of Muslims, but we will defend our pride and religion."

A government worker from Kelantan was seen weeping in front of the camera, when asked why, she said "Why are they after us, they are trying to ruin us, we will conquer the world one day. Do you know my younger brother converted to Christianity because he likes swords and the keris somehow looks like a cross. Oooohhh!! (crying and wailing)

Muslim convert who is a special needs education teacher said "They, the non-Muslims and the deviants are the cause of all the disasters we experience in the world today. Look at Germany, why did the ground open up and swallow the whole country? Because of beer, alcohol. China has been swallowed by a black hole because they eat pork meat. India fell off the earth because majority of them are not Muslims. Why did Malaysia airlines experience two disasters? Because they serve alcohol and the female staff don't cover their air. Some times you know, when i'm on my praying mat,  i wonder why non-muslims and deviants where created, their existence makes my life miserable.

A secondary school student also pitched in to give his opinion. "In my my dormitory, we beat up students who we suspect practice Islam different to ours or non-muslims that don't support Palestine. We beat them merciless. My hope for Malaysia is that one day we will be like Pakistan or Nigeria.

You see in Pakistan, as a Muslim i can get whatever i want as long as it belongs to a non- Muslim, all i have to do is accuse them of insulting my religion in one way or the other and my Muslim brothers will mobilize, we'll murder them and i can inherit their property. Imagine the prospect of such practice in Malaysia lah, i will be very rich.

In Nigeria of course, if i'm not prepared for exams, all i have to do is accuse a strict non-muslim teacher we all hate of desecrating our quran during exam and the whole school abandons the exam to murder her. You see, no exam easy live.  

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