Saturday, 8 November 2014

Iran Dog Lovers to Get Koboko, Malaysian Dog Touchers Warned

The gods of men in Tehran have decreed that anyone caught walking a dog will be arrested and face a sentencing of 74 strokes of virgins koboko. (haha, did you see what i did there? Virgins, 72?) Ok. Why 74, why not 100 or 200 like they normally do. I see, 74 makes it appear like some divine inspiration. (Listen my beloveth Mullah, give the dog lovers 74 lashes, so they will know i'm not happy they have pets).

In fragile Muslim Malaysia, Muslim dog lovers have been warned never to touch dogs again, as it's against their religion and it "insults the sensitivities of Muslim", no one can question or debate about it because it is a sensitive issue.

What's going on here? Well, there is a pattern, anything that goes mainstream in the west automatically becomes haram(forbidden/sin) for Muslims. For example, there is so much animal protection advocates in western countries than there is for humans. Cruelty to animals unites people in western countries than cruelty to fellow humans. In some places, it's a crime to feed homeless people and a more serious crime to kick stray dogs trying to eat people alive.

It will be fun if during LGBT parades, participants walk with cats and camels, cuddling and petting them. Then on a the media goes ballistic when a neighbor shoots a gay dude's cat for coming into his property. So a news crew interviews him and he is there with makeup, Adam's apple and broad shoulders acting like a girl and his name is Ahmed. There you go, cats will be outlawed in Muslim countries.

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