Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ferguson 'Grand' Jury Decision is a Crazy Wind Up

My question is this, if officer Wilson was so afraid of Mike Brown that made him call for back-up, why did he get out of his vehicle and chase this demonic hulk acting man? Mike Brown did nothing more than walk down the middle of the street and when called out on it by officer Wilson, Mike Brown allegedly taunted him. That attitude alone, seems to be, the catalyst that led to the treatment of Mike Brown like an Hollywood villain, where the main character in an action movie shoots and shoots with so much rage  until the villain is dead. 

It all fells like a wind up and makes you go WTF? but Wilson's supporters say the law prevailed, as evidence and science presented to the jury showed he acted according to the law. The law that freed Wilson lacks common sense though, and the jury's decision evokes the same feeling as watching Isis or Boka-haram behead its victims. You go from bewilderment, to anger and deep resentment, yet there are people who are ready to put their lives in line to damn what's ethical to justify the action of officer Wilson, adamant that Mike Brown deserved to be executed. I've tried to see the world from their perspective but it makes no sense, it just leads to more questions. A 6'4" man "I felt like a 5 year hold holding onto Hulk hogan". Unbelievable and Woe betide the prosecutor. 

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