Thursday, 13 November 2014

Epe: Curse For Those Behind Boko-haram

Nigeria is a religious country right? A weird country where people resort to praying to God to cure their headache instead taking Panadol, a country where people use juju to covet their neighbour’s spouse and property. Whatever people believe in works for them, though from what Nollywood tells us and from hear-say, juju always has repercussions and people who refuse to take Panadol before praying die of headache.

It’s time for Nigeria to harness its spiritual power, though the country carries lots of ailments, she/he is presently suffering from a life threatening migraine-headache called boko-haram, obviously caused by “house-hold enemies”.

So, its time, bring out your Afose, Sopona, Bible, Quran and lets do the spiritual part while the soldiers do the work of Panadol. Any man or woman who knows anything about the cowardly acts of boko-haram, it shall not be well with them, their family and generations unborn. People die suddenly in their house-hold, sorrow will not leave their house hold.

For all the young souls that have been lost so far: Any man or woman that is frustrating efforts to combat this terrorist group by either embezzling money meant for soldiers fighting boko-haram or individuals supporting boko-haram in whatever way, be it materially or passively, their children will die suddenly, may the most horrible terminal ailment known to man befall them and their household. Let the air the breath poison their lungs, let the food they eat and water they drink destroy their stomach and liver.

Anyone that has the power and resource to stop boko-haram and is refusing to do so, whether APC or PDP, henceforth your children shall become devourers, may they bring unimaginable shame to you and die mysteriously. We decree sorrow upon sorrow, calamity upon calamity open, tragedy upon tragedy on the lives of people working with or using boko-haram to foment pain and sorrow in Nigeria, they will be exposed and put to shame their generations unborn will suffer from.

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