Monday, 27 October 2014

Why APC Should Take Heed of Obasanjo's Advice

I doubt if anyone will claim not to know that Nigeria is a country where common sense is not common hence, mediocrity is preferred to meritocracy. You just have to know how to play your religious and tribal card right. Muhammadu Buhari should avoid public speaking till after the election, he has started again with his loose talks can be conveniently interpreted anyway one deem fit.

Moreover, the fear and suspicion of Islam is real, the violent rampage of Boko-haram, Isis and Fulani headsmen does not help the situation, IBB dragging Nigeria into the IOC in addition to the way Tunde Idiagbon clamped down on churches during their regime by seizing their properties.

Infact, it's easier than ever before to claim Muslims are on a mission impossible to Islamize Nigeria. APC use your head, Nigeria should not have to go through another four years of Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Giving precedents and the nature of the historical moment, there is probable cause to be suspicious of a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Forget common sense, forget meritocracy, a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket it is a move that can be easily rejected via the pulpit and little political campaigns like the one going on in Israel right now.  Nigerian Christians want Jonathan out, but they are not fools. 

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