Tuesday, 14 October 2014

War on 'Runs Girls' In China - When Will Nigerian Women Wake up?

There is a growing backlash against China's evolving "concubine culture" (Runs Girls). Is this one of the negative effects of economic growth? As men get richer, the desire more women and luxury goods in a country trying to control it's dangerous population boom.

Well, the issue gained spotlight again when a mob of women were seen beating a woman on the streets. She was accused of having an affair with the husband of one of the women who ambushed her. She was beaten black and blue but no one came to her rescue. Why? Wait, the Chinese have their reason for not giving a damn this time, Chinese women are sick of 'Runs girls' that's why there is a quiet support for such humiliations, nobody tries to help women who find themselves in such situations.

Nigerian women, when are you going to declare spiritual and physical war on Nigerian 'Runs girls' sharing your husbands with you? Guess not anytime soon, the dynamics are different, if you complain they'll legalise the illegal union and in some cases move in under the same roof with you.

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