Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Ebola Virus and The "HIV Originates From Congo" Publications - What's the Agenda?

Bird flu and other western and Asian origin Plagues are far more dangerous than the Ebola virus. I'm not trying to downplay the severity of Ebola especially in the affected countries where where medical help is limited, but the way events are unfolding makes on suspicious. Lets look at the facts and statistics,

The dissemination process of both diseases. For Ebola, the virus is acquired upon contact with blood or other bodily fluids of an infected human or animal. For the Flu, the story is different, apparently it spreads easily because it is air-borne, you can contact it by walking down the street.

Now let's look at the fatality figures. To date, the Ebola virus has claimed less than 4,000 lives. What about the flu, between 250,000 to 500,000 people are killed every year from various strains of flu and 20,000 of the death happens in the United States of America (from WHO). Why isn't any one panicking about that? Why isn't anyone calling for the United States to be isolated from the rest of the world?

As calls for the borders to be closed against Africa grows, then came this bogus publication propelled by western mainstream media about the origin of the HIV virus. These two guys from Oxford and Leuven claim they've traced the origin of HIV to present day Congo. The publication of their "research" amidst the fear mongering of Ebola is just suspicious. What do these people want and why are they doing this.

The economies of the affected countries have taken a hit and ignorant westerners including celebrities want these countries shut down for a virus that can be controlled when proper attention and care is given (Nigeria). Some "celebrities" even claim to admire the population control ability if a virus that has barely killed up to 4,000 people globally. SMH.

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