Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Devil is a Liar : Haters, Linda Ikeji and Google

The Iyalode of the Aproko business in Nigeria has had her shop closed, by who? The message says the blog has been removed, but this could either be done by someone who has access to her admin page or by Google. I think Google will state the policy violations she contravened if they did shut down the blog and if for other reasons, push comes to shove, you'll lose the ability to monetise your blog (adsense) like they did to her a few months back. If your blog spreads virus, Google will warn users, giving them the option to opt out before entering your blog.

That's the actual Madameaproko, I started blogging because of her and naively thought execs and business owners will start shoving money down my tiny throat because I run a blog. In my opinon, Google did not shut down Linda Ikeji's blog, someone got hold of her password and removed the blog. I knew all that Range-rover will get her into trouble or maybe she's trying to increase her fan base.

Linda come buy madameaproko now, i just need small change to finish school. 

Updated. Plagiarism is the devil/hater, it's not the liar this time. That's why her adsense account was suspended several times in the past. 

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