Thursday, 30 October 2014

PDP - We Own The Nigeria Police and the Nigeria Army

Nigeria Police spokesman, Emmanuel Ojukwu while answering questions on why the security details of the speaker of the house of representative were withdrawn said Mr Tambuwal was stripped of State protection because he decamped to APC.

Ojukwu said it does not matter what the constitution says, "We are talking about PDP here, PDP makes the rules as events occur. Currently, anything or anyone that is seen as a threat to Jonathan's reelection is dealt with expediently. Forget about governance for now, the constitutions is for the masses, we are PDP. We, the ruling party make the rules as we live. As you can see, political campaigns have started. We kicked it off in Israel this week.

If Tambuwal wants security, he should come back to PDP, until then, anything can happen to him. In fact, Mr, journalist, if you ask too much question, the police can strip you off your life. You know na, no be today we start. 

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