Wednesday, 8 October 2014

PDP Blames Witches and Wizards in APC for Seized $5.7 Million

PDP believes the opposition is behind the money seized by the South African authorities, because the opposition and every other sane Nigerian lambasted the government for it's cringe worthy senselessness regarding the South-African arms purchases. The government now beliefs criticism equals working for foreign interest. This is what their national publicity secretary said.
"Given the rush with which the APC attacked the presidency, it is clear that
they are working hand in glove with foreign interests in a concerted effort to
tarnish the image of our dear nation, ridicule our government and frustrate
genuine efforts towards ending the insecurity challenges we face as a nation.
Any responsible opposition which has the interest and welfare of the people at
heart as the APC claims would concentrate on proffering solution to the
problems of the nation instead of seeking political capital at all times. Instead,
we have an opposition that has been conniving with foreign interests to
destroy the image and unity of their own country as a means to achieve
political control. 
The APC is aptly likened to a quarrelsome wife, who daily goes to the market
place to discuss her marital problems. We ask, does such a woman seek the
unity or disintegration of her home? In the same vein Nigerians wonder if the
APC is really interested in the unity and corporate existence of our nation. Are
they trying to destroy our country as a means to achieve political control
through the back door?
The APC must come to terms with the fact that Nigeria as an indivisible nation
has come to stay. They must know that Nigerians are resolute in their
determination to live together as one people."
Baseless accusations without a single proof except for pictures of opposition leaders viting the South African President as far back as when Nuhu Ribadu was still in APC, and of all the scandals that have rocked Jonathan's administration, not a single one has been admitted as an error on the part of the government. The Nigerian government is like a chronic drunkard always blaming his wife for the embarrassment he suffers when staggers home dead drunk and kids in the neighbourhood ridicule him.

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