Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Kazakhstan's Bride Snatching in a Nigerian Context

Babatunde, Chinedu, Dan Goni, Taveshima and Oronto are friends and compatriots. These young men are experiencing hormonal changes and their libido is as high as humanly possible. Each one of these friends also live in individual big properties, housing their extended and immediate family.

These friends also have young sisters who lead a normal live in the community and at the same time there exist the broken aunt, older woman and former snatched bride, they are the wedding enforcers and they make sure everything happens as planed.

So, if Dan Goni sees Oronto's sister and he likes her, (mind you she does not know him). He tells his aunties, relatives and friends apart from Oronto. Then, Dan Goni, Babatunde and other friends wait for her after school, or when she's running an errand, kidnap her and bundle her in a car to his family home where his relatives are feasting and waiting for the kidnapped wailing bride to arrive. A normal wedding procession takes place except the bride does not want to be a part of it.

The circle continues because when Oronto becomes horny, he does the same to the sister of one his fiends or any one he likes. 

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