Thursday, 9 October 2014

Is the New Confrontational Foreign Ministry Responsible for South-Africa Arms Purchase Saga?

For the past three years, the foreign ministry has embarked upon this confrontational tit-for-tat campaign. Could this be part responsible for the melee going on with Nigeria's attempted arms purchase in south africa?

It all started three years ago when a certain legislator was not given a VIP treatment when he arrived the Oliver Reginald Tambo airport, Johannesburg. He was treated like an average Nigerian, he was detained on arrival and repatriated in company of 124 other Nigerians without reason. Then all hell broke loose, not only was a formal complaint lodged, South-African were hounded, threatened and embarrassed until they apologised. Nigerians rallied behind the government then and they enjoyed it.

Formal complaints are no more the norm now, any government employee can now decide to threaten foreign countries and companies when there is a suggestion of injustice. Yes, Nigerians want representatives that will protect their dignity, not emotional people looking to start meaningless diplomatic tiffs.

It's also funny that these Nigerian employees pick on countries who seem to know what they are doing far better than Nigeria does(India, South-Africa, China). You are seeking to buy light arms from a foreign country and you are not even ashamed, weapons that Pakistani tribes men (Darra) reverse engineer in the mountains, even Filipino teenagers and politicians know how to manufacture these weapons. (Person wey shit dey forget, na person wey pack the shit no go forget)

So who is going to employ Nigerians if MTN, Multichoice, Shoprite, Old Mutual etc pull out of Nigeria. Nigeria's inane public officials should be given gag orders. 

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