Saturday, 18 October 2014

'Amorphous' 'Faceless' Islamic Terror Group Agree Terms With Nigerian Government In Saudi-Arabia

A while ago, the Nigerian President said Boko-haram is a faceless group so, the government can not negotiate with them. Now they have a representative, Danladi Ahmadu who is in Saudi-Arabia negotiating terms with the Nigerian government via a presidential aide. Boko-haram and the government have become good friends so much that the CDS has ordered all military commanders to observe a cease fire. The government says the release of abducted chibok girls is paramount and they could be released as early as next Tuesday. Where has this aide been all the while? This is what election does.

If this is real, then it's good news, but if the government is trying to pull a fast one, i hope it backfires, but then, who gives a damn? Lying might not be deceit according to the present government. 

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