Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Africa's First White President Emerges- Guy Scott

Guy Scott replaces Zambia's late President, Micheal "King Cobra" Sata who died in London after a protracted illness. He was sworn in as the acting President after a cabinet meeting following the death of his predecessor.

Guy was born in livingstone, Zambia to a Scottish immigrant who moved there in 1927 to work as a medical doctor and later became a lawyer fighting for African rights and a publisher/politician after local politics caught his interest. Guy's mother moved from Watford, England to Rhodesia in 1940 where she met her Scottish partner.

The blunt Guy Scott studied mathematics and economics in Cambridge, got his Ph.d in cognitive science in Sussex university and lectured for a while in Oxford. Guy Scott is Caucasian, he is Zambian and African . I pray he exposes how clueless black African leaders are through his performance as president.

For the record though, Mwanawasa died in a French Hospital. Now Sata dies in a London hospital.
EU Koninuu dey share them ooo.

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