Thursday, 4 September 2014

What Makes a Menstruating Women Spiritually Unclean?

What is it about a menstruating woman that supposedly disrupt the connection between mankind and the supreme being? All religions that I know loathes the menstruating woman in one way or the other. Some Christians believe a woman should never lead a church, especially during her period as she is deemed unclean for that time.

I read about the Islamic perspective of menstruation a few days ago during the Cadbury Malaysia's halal comedy. A Muslim writing about his wife's doubt about the "halalbility" of food to be served in a non-Muslim friend's family gathering mentioned menstruating women are not allowed to go into the Mosque. Some politicians even believe women are naturally and generally incompetent to lead because "they leak every month".

The daily Mail also published a story about Nepalese child deities known as Kumaris who lose their status once they start menstruating.

Even the traditional worshipers are not left out. A menstruating woman is believed to be an antidote to voodoo, charm or spell, yet there is a scientific explanation to why women who are of age go through this process every month. So, what's so spiritually powerful or scary about a menstruating woman?

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