Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Traitorous Army General, Abubakar Mohammed

General Abubakar Mohammed 

Major General Abubakar Mohammed is the former General Officer Commanding the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maiduguri. The General's orders lead to death of many Nigerian soldiers in the war front and loss of important military hardware to Boko Haram.

As we are all aware now, junior officers under his command turned on him to protest what they discovered were systematic actions by this man aimed at sabotaging the campaign against boko-haram. Why did he betray his compatriots? Is it for money, victim of blackmail or for religious patronage?

If the story making rounds is true, this man is befitting from the spirit of "brother-hood and loyalty" (esprit de corps) he betrayed. Every Nigerian who is of age can testify to the fact that the army and other para-military forces exhibit this trait when harassing civilians. This man is not in jail nor facing death for his treasonable offence, he was quietly retired by fellow army generals while 12 military men who confronted him are on death row. Una cup dey full small-small. 

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