Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Bishop, A Military Dictator and a Call Girl in a Foreign Hotel

There was a time in Nigeria, when we were scared to feed from the evil tree of corruption, reminiscent of the zero tolerance attitude of the late Ilorin General and his colleague from Daura, Nigerians were brutalized into being civil and to have respect public institutions.

Then came a light-skin short serpent from Minna, a military General too. He told Nigerians that look, I'm eating from the evil tree of corruption, damn the consequence, you can do it too. That marked the beginning of the institutionalization of corruption in Nigeria after the refresh button of the civil war.

Like we are experiencing today, sane Nigerians were outraged by this new phenomenon, the culture of extreme impunity and we found influential voices in writers, poets, human rights activist and the clergy. One of the Sane voices that spoke against the recklessness of the Minna General back then is the Bishop, one of the thorns in the flesh of the military junta because he criticized and cautioned them at every opportunity given. They needed to silence him, he could not go missing like the others, that will put pressure on the regime because questions will be asked.

The short light skin General and his team came up with an idea, wait for the Bishop to travel abroad, locate him, set him up and render him useless the rest of his life but make him talk whenever you want him to. So it happened, the fiery Bishop was in his hotel room, a very beautiful women was sent there to seduce him, he fell for it and had carnal knowledge of her. unknown to him, everything was recorded. The Bishop returned to Nigeria reticent, at the mercy of a puppet master.

It's 2014 and the Bishop has found his voice again, did his puppet master activate him? It seems so, we all want the Jonathan government gone as soon as possible and it must hurt to see a project you help start being dragged in the mud by non-charlatans but we should not get carried away.

If the Bishop really loves his country, he should free himself off the ailing puppet master and his lieutenants. Prepare for retirement and come out clean about what happened to him in that hotel room on foreign soil. He is the victim here, an old man wise man today , he has nothing to lose. He was targeted for ridicule for standing up for his country against individuals with vested interest. There is no shame whatsoever in what happened to the Bishop, he is human. God will forgive him, Nigerian Christians will forgive him and he will be free the rest of his days.

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