Saturday, 6 September 2014

Are Bungee Jumpers Naturally Inclined to Commit Suicide?

After watching a wannabe Bungee jumper having a last moment of doubt and later deciding not to jump got me thinking if it's a similar feeling people who commit suicide have. Obviously he is scared but what else was going on in his mind, is the feeling similar to the one people experience when making important life decisions like the fear of being left on the alter, the realization of having lost one's entire life savings, catching a cheating spouse, or suffering a very painful long term ailment and getting fed up? Is it the same feeling we get when we set out to achieve a goal and we start doubting and procrastinating?

If I'm not comfortable taking a Bungee jump might mean I won't have the tendency to take my own life or I lack the motivation and drive to achieve a goal even with exogenous influences. Which brings me to the question, are Bungee jumpers time bombs waiting for the write circumstance (problem) to explode or do Bungee jumpers and other extreme sports enthusiast easily harness the extra drive and motivation to make things happen? 

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