Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rauf Aregbesola Wins Osun Gubernatorial Election, But.

APC had 394,684 votes, PDP got 292,727 votes the spoilers LP got the remaining. This difference is not as much as one would think, given the antecedents of both candidates. We have Aregbe on one hand whose micro economic approach to governance has transformed lives and is on its way to create a self sustaining economic circle in Osun.

While on the other hand we have Omisore who just wants to be Governor because "he has sacrificed so much" for his aspiration. He has a questionable past as he's widely believed to have murdered former Justice minister and attorney general of the federation, Bola Ige. "I deserve to be governor", that's his reason for wanting to be governor.

One would expect a landslide victory for Aregbesola because of what he has done in Osun and because his opponents are unelectable or not popular. Well, that's not the case. Why? Aregbesola's religious antics with the mission schools etc. When as an elected office holder, you wonder into religious puddle, you become vulnerable and expose yourself blackmail and all kinds of accusations. Aregbesola won the election but the figures show he is not that popular, 101,157 difference. That's what you get for allowing yourself to be perceived as a religious bigot.

Vote casting and counting were reported to be trouble free, but hours and days leading to the election, opposition members were intimidated and harassed. Yet, people came out to vote en masse, maybe the "Yoruba too dey fear" believe is exaggerated.

No one should be congratulated for a free and fair election when anonymous uniformed men that can't be held accountable storm a state and opposition members are harassed before election. 

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