Thursday, 7 August 2014

Masked Men in Osun Are Niger-Delta Militants Disguised as DSS Officers - Kenneth Tariwari

A dismissed member of the supposed "killer squad" sent abroad for tactical military training made the disclosure on his facebook page before taking it down few minutes later. I suppose he was threatened.

The man named Kenneth Tariwari claims to be a member of an elite combat unit of former Niger-Delta militants hand-picked to go abroad for advanced military training to defend the destiny of the south-south from malicious democratic processes.

He claims he was dismissed for demanding his right because he was short-changed and disrespected by the coordinator and demanded that the leaders meet their financial obligations if they don't want to be exposed.

Kenneth claims the soldiers and DSS officers deployed to provide security during the Osun gubernatorial election are actually members of the Niger-Delta "killer squad", that's why they are wearing mask and face covers. "They are not security men" he wrote "They are trained killing machines" he continued, "they are well paid men who are also emotionally attached to the political tug of war going on in the country".

"We were told our brother is under siege and we were reminded everyday of our training on how important it is to be loyal to the cause, but I was betrayed, my money stolen and attempts have been made on my life"

Kenneth's facebook page is no longer accessible.

DSS No dey wear camo. 

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