Thursday, 7 August 2014

Diaspora News Update, August 2014 - Nigerians in Malaysia

July 1 - 1.284kg of methamphetamine worth ₦12.3 million was found in a parcel arriving from Lagos, Nigeria, at 9.30am

July 20 -  A 34-year-old Nigerian man was arrested at 11.40pm on for attempting to smuggle in 2.75kg of methamphetamine worth ₦26.4 million via Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

July 8 - Four Nigerians involved in car crash, 3 escaped unhurt while one unlucky guy sustained final destination like injuries. A light pole impaled his abdomen, luckily they got help in due time and the poor lad was rescued.  Click to see gory Image

July 16 - Nigerian believed to have died of drug overdose found in an apartment at Damansara Perdana aka (Ajegunle). His house mates (Four Nigerians) discovered the body in his room and alerted the police. 

A police spokesman said "There was foam coming out of his mouth when the body was found and further investigation by the forensics team revealed there was no injuries found on the body," aka (He was poisoned). 

July 16 - Uchechukwu Nelson Ohaechesi was sentenced to death for trafficking 36.5 kg of cannabis in Cheras (Warri) - (The guy wan open weed factory for Malaysia). He came to Malaysia to "study English and play football". Next!!

February to August - Hundreds of Nigerians have graduated from Malaysian Universities, Some with high honours, others not so high. Those that are done go back home or disperse all around the world to either settle down or further their studies, some also choose to remain in Malaysia for a while. 

note - references to Nigeria cities is based on the psychological profile of Nigerians living in that area, it's not based on infrastructural development. 

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