Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Security Flaws of Dating Sites and How to Avoid Love Scams

American has been pinched, now everyone gets punched in the face because "American women are being targeted as Malaysia becomes internet scam haven". Yeah, spew your venom, American women are the only ones falling victim to online scams.

Well, for anyone that cares to know, this is how to stay safe online. A lot of us pray to God for that big break, that divine intervention, those few seconds when God concentrates on our financial or emotional worry and our lives are changed forever. Some of us might have also experienced the "You gotta risk it to get the biscuit" moment, the hopeless but adrenaline pumping moment we hear the voice of our favorite motivational speaker in our head, telling us to take the risk. Well, God works in mysterious ways and risk taking pays off sometimes but not on dating sites or through an anonymous email promising you thousands of dollars if you help the stranger that sent you the email.

How Women are Targeted and Red Flags You Should look Out for on Dating Sites

Profiles That Appear for a Short Time 

Why do these awesome looking profiles disappear within a few hours? They are fake profiles created with stolen credit cards. This is how it works. A Scammer creates a profile, upload stolen pictures of Caucasian men or whoever and wait for the admin to approve the profile. Once the profile is approved, the Scammer then uses the stolen credit card to go premium, so he/she can receive and send messages.

Now, the scammer is on the site with the ability to freely interact with other users and there is nothing the dating site can do about it. The scammer is on the clock though, because the credit card gets charged and obviously the owner will be alerted. So, this gives the scammer enough time to send messages to potential victims trying to lure them away from the dating sight. Included in the message sent to potential victims is an email address that will used to groom them outside the dating site because the scammer knows his fake profile will be yanked once the credit card owner alerts the bank and the bank notifies the dating site. The process takes a few hours and this allows the scammer enough time to cast a wide net.

So girl, the next time you log into your profile and that cute Mat Salleh (White Man) drops you a nice message and his email address but his profile is no more there, know it's a fake. Your prayer has not been answered and it's not your lucky day.

Remedy: If the dating sites can send a warning message to every user a fake profile sends a love note to, then the problem is half solved but how will these sites explain their security flaws, they have a reputation to build and protect.

Ask For a Video Chat or a Date

Why the desire for an emotional roller coaster anyway? Why would you want to go into a relationship with someone that does not live in the same city or country with you? But if you are already in so deep, then ask for a Skype call or ask him out on a date. If he gives you excuses then run, he can go to hell. Don't hang in there, its not real except if you want to spend the rest of your life bitter (You'll lose your hard earned money). Stay away because for some reason, he knows how to setup a complete profile on a dating site but hates Skype or does not know how it works.

The Facebook Friend Request

Girl! Who the hell do you think you are? God's only special creation? Out of about 1.32 billion users, one sweet rich looking Mat Salleh decides to send you a friend request. He sends a love note together with the friend request, wanting to share his love (Your bank account) with you. He travels abroad and gets robbed or his merchandise get stuck somewhere then he needs a mere 500USD or 1000USD to sort his little mess out. He'll swindle you using all types of stories (formats) as the "relationship" grows (he's grooming you for the smack down) a few hundreds or thousands at a time. So, use your head please, don't accept facebook friend request from someone you don't know.

Malwares and Virus 

Sophisticated Scammers use malwares to steal vital personal information from their victims. So, the next time you receive an unsolicited email from your "bank" asking you to click on link or key in your personal info in an online form. Don't do it, you'll be making a Scammer's day.

Now for the moronic US official and their stooges in Reuters and The Malaysian Insider. Instead of spewing venom, why don't we educate people on how to be safe online. Nigerian conmen in Malaysia don't go to college. All they want is a one time visa that allows them to confidently and freely move around within the validity period of their visa. This allows them to understand the country and know how things work.

It's unfair to say Malaysia is not doing enough to make operations difficult for bad people. If it's possible, Malaysian banks will ask a Nigerian for blue IC apart from proof of long term stay(Passport and Visa) and verification from your University or college.

Foreign students are essential commodities and countries like Vietnam are now allowing foreign Universities and students in too.

If any Malaysian official is interested in getting the conmen in large numbers, He or She should look no further than the football fields in the evening and  futsal halls at night. You'll also find them in African nightclubs or events, that where you'll see them making decent hardworking people look clueless and lazy.

And if you want to trace the scam money, look for local women who run multiple corporate accounts, they are usually dating or are married to foreign men. That's where the serious money is for the scammers.   

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